SALSA's Diabetic Foot Online Clinical Utilization Score (DFocus) is a free tool, to be used for the estimated calculation of resources needed to treat patients in a particular area.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has updated information available from a 2011 database available HERE, which will allow you to use known information about specific countries and regions.

Please input the population and appropriate percentages to calculate risks.  You will have to press the “Enter/Return” key on your machine to perform the operation. NOTE: if you are using a mobile browser, you may have to turn your device to landscape orientation to best visualize the calculator itself.

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Number of wound care visits:    (Assuming 20 visits per ulceration as average time to healing)  
Total estimated annual visitations:                      (Annual visitations from patients with diabetes including additional wound care visits)  
References:   Breakdown by Risk Group: 3  
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2. Comprehensive Foot Examination and Risk Assessment - Boulton & Armstrong Risk 0:      
3. Reevaluating the Way We Classify the Diabetic Foot - Lavery & Peters Risk 1:      
4. Prevention of Diabetes-Related Foot Ulcers and Amputations: a Markov Model - Tennvall Risk 2:      
5. 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet - CDC   Risk 3:  
The goal of this calculator is to suggest the utilization of the already present scientific data, to provide an easy to use, yet functional calculator/algorithm for a health provider to best organize and plan their resources when treating the diabetic population. Using this system will allow a physician to predict the number of diagnosis specific visits to be expected from his or her diabetic community in a given year.  It is our hope that this system will aid the healthcare community in administrative planning and overhead. For more information about this calculator or about innovations in the treatment of diabetes, visit us at: The Diabetic Foot Online

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